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If you've purchased the Kindle version of Door Trix for your Kindle device, you qualify to buy a copy of the PDF version of the book at a really cheap price!

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Announcing a new version of Door Trix!

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Door Trix, the book that teaches you everything you need to know about fixing doors is now available in an improved edition.

Sections have been added, illustrations revamped, and the text scrutinized and re-edited. The resulting instructions make it easier for folks with little or no carpentry experience to solve their passage door problems.

Whether it's a front door, bedroom door, office door or back door, whether it's stuck or dragging, warped or it rattles, Door Trix offers multiple options on how to to set them right again.

Published in a crisp portable document file (PDF,) this e-book contains a complete table of contents, a thorough index, and numerous cross-references. And all these elements can be accessed with a click of the mouse. What's more, the entire outline is linked to the text through Adobe Reader's® expandable "book marks."

Best of all, in light of the slow economy, the price to purchase Door Trix - To Get Them Fixed has been reduced, to a mere $8.95.

Buy it now and learn to vanquish your door demons!

The revised edition is also available from Kindle.

Check out these quotes from among our satisfied customers:

"First, your Door Trix is wonderful and is very complete. You thoroughly explained what needs to be done as well as a number of ways to do the task to a novice as well as the experienced. I've often thought of my own Dad explaining what to do and looking at the whole picture first as you explained the steps in your book. I laugh as I now do the same for my son. Hope you took this as the highest compliment as it meant to be. I've used many of your ideas in your book."
~ Ron M, DYI

"Thanks Don! I enjoyed the free videos so much but I needed more for my particular door problem, and the book was just what was needed. It gave me options I hadn't thought of and helped me get over my indecision. ... I'm sure I'll use the book again the future when I run into another door problem!"
~ David Diez, homeowner

"I did find it useful. Just fixed the door in my daughter's bedroom using your advice. So glad I found it before I resorted sanding and shaving the door!!"
~ Jeff Conquest, homeowner

"Thanks for...your helpful book. It is very comprehensive and it has already helped me understand how to fix many door problems that I have noticed in various places."
~ Tim Bourke, homeowner

"Your excellent book will be used to help educate the ever revolving door of rookies and wantabe's that pass through our company. And hopefully turn these green shoots into desirable and productive finished tradesman."
~ Jim Russell, Custom Builder in Chicago