Help Page

For those who are not already familiar with Adobe® Acrobat Reader® or any zipping utilities (see Utilities You'll Need), here are some instructions on how to read Door Trix after purchase.

If you have any trouble downloading the file, please forward your paypal receipt to and we'll be more than happy to email you a copy of Door Trix.

  1. Save Door Trix to your hard drive.

    After you clicked the "Click here to download Door Trix!" button on the paypal site, you should see a dialog like below.

    Click the "Save" button.

    Save Door Trix Screenshot
  2. Select the Location

    Select a location where you can easily find the file, such as your desktop.

    Select Location Screenshot
  3. Download and Install Utilities

    Download and install PKWare Zip Reader® and Adobe® Acrobat Reader® from the Utilities page.

  4. Find the File

    Return to the location of your Door Trix file, such as your desktop, and double click on its icon.

    Find File Screenshot
  5. Extract the Zip file

    Double click the Door Trix file you downloaded, and zip reader should automatically extract the file.

    Then click "Finish" to close zip reader.

    Extract Screenshot
  6. Open the Folder

    Zip reader creates a folder containing the Door Trix pdf.

    Double click the folder.

    Open the Folder Screenshot
  7. Open the File

    Double click the Door Trix pdf file.

    Open File Screenshot
  8. Enjoy!

    The file should automatically be opened by Adobe® Reader®.

    The Opened Book Screenshot